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Founded in 2017, Central Ohio Women in the Trades is a non-profit organization that encourages women's economic and social empowerment and addresses gender bias across skilled trades by promoting pay equity in the construction industry; offering skilled trade workshops and public education to women and girls; and providing mentorship and support to current tradeswomen and those entering an apprenticeship. Whether it be hands-on workshops or accessible literature, we bring the skilled trades to an audience that may have not considered learning a trade or building skill in the past and offer a support system to those who wish to enter an apprenticeship. Central Ohio Women in the Trades not only wants to offer women a successful future in the trades, we want to make sure that they excel in their choices as well.


How we educate the community:

  • Engage free community workshops through fairs, community groups (ie. Scouts) and social clubs

  • Instruct hands-on workshops for girls ages 12-18 to inspire confidence and spark interest in a future in the building trades

  • Organize hands-on workshops for women, offering the opportunity to become more independent in their own home repair as well as DIY projects

  • Offer accessible literature and learning opportunities

How we encourage future tradeswomen:

  • Distribute up-to-date trades apprenticeship information

  • Direct interested individuals towards the appropriate contacts in the local apprenticeships

  • Engage in follow-up conversation to ensure the necessary steps were taken

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